StreamLearn works with major universities in the US and the UK to develop video resources and complete courses for undergraduate, teacher training, and the general public. Our courses effect change – allow learners to think and act in new ways. Our courses empower.

Learning is difficult, challenging, and sometimes painful. It takes a willingness to open one’s mind to new ideas and tenacity to keep trying until that change happens. That is why we use great storytelling, interactive design, and sound pedagogy to engage learners.

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Business Learning

The principles that apply to learning in education also apply in business. As managers we seek to improve performance, innovate, and collaborate and this requires a change in the way we approach challenges. Change involves learning. Learning can be difficult.

If you’re trying to effect change within your organization, find out what StreamLearn can do for you. We can craft online learning solutions that change the way people think about the challenges you face. We use high-quality video, interactive design, simulation and animation, to engage the learner. Our courses are fun, cost-effective and create positive change you can measure. Find out more.

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Live Stream Events

Staff at StreamLearn are active in the arts community and enjoy participating in events. We document performances, events, and assist non-profits with fundraising. We also document corporate events and provide a range of corporate services including live streaming. Check out some of our recent events.

A TV Series Pilot
A young woman appears one wintry night in a Colorado mountain town begging to be frozen dead. Terminally ill and running from a dark past, she arrives as the town is preparing to celebrate a dead Norwegian whose frozen body remains cryonically preserved in the nearby mountains. She leads a young scientists down a dark path of illegal cryonics where the terminally ill seek to cheat death by being frozen alive.