Online Learning for Education

StreamLearn is a full service media company focused on education. We work with educators and clients to determine their objectives and develop projects that have the intended effect using video, animation, and interactive design hosted on web pages or learning management systems.

Higher Education

StreamLearn works with professors at universities in the US and UK to produce video-based learning resources. We collaborate in grant writing project development, writing, production, and delivery on learning management systems. We have experience with many disciplines including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, economics, statistics, humanities, etc.


Learners of all ages respond to great stories and sound content. StreamLearn has produced two courses for Elementary School teachers and created resources for use in the classroom. Our recent project with the Colorado Council for Economic Education is widely used by elementary teachers across the US.

Passion-Driven Statistics
This NSF funded project lead by Wesleyan University allows students to learn statistics by following their passion. StreamLearn was directly involved in instructional design, scriptwriting, and produced all video media. Learn more.

Teaching Personal Finance – Elementary
This project from the Colorado Council for Economic Education helps teachers meet standards in personal finance and economics. StreamLearn produced nearly 20 hours of high-quality films, engaging stories, and in-class lessons. 

DeSTRESSS – Statistics for Social Science
DeSTRESS is openly-licensed learning and teaching materials for Economics, Geography, Sociology and Politics. Partners include Nottingham Trent University, University of Portsmouth, Brunel University and the Economics Network, University of Bristol with video production provided by StreamLearn LLC of Boulder, Colorado.

Learn Econ
Learn Econ is a course in first year economics for university or advanced high-school students. It features engaging stories from around the world.

Calming Kids – Bullyproofing with Yoga
Calming Kids is an online course for elementary school teachers that teaches mindfulness, confidence, and strength using the principles of yoga. This course covers six days of instruction and many hours of interactive video.

METAL – Mathematics for Economics
METAL is a collection of resources for teaching economics in higher education. StreamLearn produced all films in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth. Other partners produced question banks and graphic materials for use by teachers.

Check out some of our recent films for education.